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Cordyceps Plus Capsule  in Pakistan:

Cordyceps Plus  in Pakistan are one of the richest Life  Capsule which are  set sinenses has been appreciated for Many centuries in transitional Chinese medicine, in nature it is found only at high altitudes on Himalayan plateau and is thus difficult to harvest . Cordyceps capsule are naturally present in Tibet and Nepal at altitudes between three and five thousand meters above sea level. It is important to remember that Cordyceps Plus Capsule preparations cause to a large extent Cordyceps sinensis a washout effect in the body, it relive
lung deficiency syndrome and suitable for assisting the therapy of asthma and
tuberculosis, stanches bleeding,, clears erupted blood and invigorates kidney, Because of such high quality ingredients Cordyceps   has always been one of the most expensive medicinal herbs product. Due to precious and high quality herbs Cordyceps become most famous product in Pakistan and All over the World. Modern cultivation techniques have made the mycelium of this caterpillar borne fungus more ready available .lowering its cost on the world market. And allowing for more in-depth research into its medicinal [potential]

Cordyceps Plus Capsule Ingredients

Many of the effects Compounds   are found in the Carodyceps, which are beneficial to many human health conditions.

Such as

  • Cordyceps sinensis acids,
  • Cordycepin,
  • Adenosine
  • Sinensis polysaccharide

Because of such above ingredient s, difficulties cordyceps has always been one of the most expensive medicinal herbs.

Work Functions of Cordyceps Capsule

Immune booster

If the use cordyceps with Ginseng then   the effect of Cordyceps   increases because

Cordyceps Plus capsule strengthens the immune system to help the body resist and withstand the attacks from microorganisms such as bacteria. Virus and parasites.

 Cardiovascular Diseases

Unfortunately Cordeyceps Plus can enhance the blood supply to coronary artery slowly and persistently, thus stabilizing coronary heart disease. It is best for cough that does not fit.Cordyceps are perfect capsule for Asthma patients.

It is a suitable choice for thrombosis treatment.

An Anti Cancer

Cordyceps can recover from liver, kidney, cardiovascular system and respiratory diseases. Cordyceps plus Capsule beneficial for late stage cancer apparently. It helps to reduce the risk of malignant cancer and increases survival rate. In addition, it can increase leukocytes to ensure continue therapy. It is also suitable in treating benign tumors of brain.

Antidote: Cordeyceps is improve the metabolic condition of the liver, kidneys, lungs and help reduce the excretion of internal toxic material.

Hepatitis and cirrhosis: it is best choice to improve the hepatic function directly and is valuable for therapy of liver cirrhosis.

Respiratory Benefits

Cordyceps strengthens respiratory system; it is beneficial for chronic cough, bronchitis. Pulmonary tuberculosis, chronic abstractive pulmonary disease [COPD] AND ASTHMA.

Cordyceps plus Capsule Benefits

Cordyceps plus Capsule are beneficial to many human health conditions.

Following Benefits:

  1. Stanches bleeding
  2. Clear erupted blood.
  3. Invigorate kidney
  4. Benefit lung
  5. Helps vertigo.
  6. Reduce back pain.
  7. improves the status of kidney function,
  8. Strengthens the immune system
  9. Relive lung deficiency syndrome
  10. Accelerate DNA-RNA composition of renal tubule Epithelia cells.


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