Spy Camera Pen In Pakistan

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Spy Pen Camera In Pakistan

Spy pen camera is one of the best types of hidden wireless cameras.There are many types of hidden cameras uses now a days but most useful and popular carry out for investigation is syp pen camera. Spy pen camera is hidden in the pen use for investigation without knowledge of anyone seeing you which actually look as a real working pen. Spy pen camera can be used as the purpose of your person,one the desk or use for a writen any documents.When you capture the image you focusing on and transmits it.

The use of Spy pen camera is fully secured and popular in the field of investigation.

Spy pen cameras should satisfy the requisites of a mini hidden camera. Size and weight are obvious characteristics. The Spy pen cameras in Pakistan have good resolution, range, small size ,light weight and battery life and also operate under poor lighting conditions.

Due to the obvious characteristics Spy pen camera become popular in each field house,office,Garage etc. If you have doubts, worries, or concerns about what’s going on in an area such as your work cubical, your bedroom or other room in your home, or even your car, you can use a spy pen camera to get the worries banned or at least find out what’s going on.

Work Function of Spy pen Camera

The work function of spy pen camera is unique and the base of modern technique. The spy pen camera in Pakistan usually as a transmitter which transmits the images when you captured it. At the other end use stores or records receiver that receives the transmitted images . The monitor can also be attach them with spy pen camera through online.

Latest Spy pen camera available in pakistan have the memory to store a specified number of images or videos after that which can be downloaded onto your computer or transfer it.

A Spy pen camera inside a working pen is the most innocuous yet the most powerful weapon one can have.

How to use spy pen Camera

A one click of the pen and it begins transmitting. Whether in your shirt pocket or on the desk or in your hand, you would still transmit live images to the receiver that may be up to 180 feet away.

Spy pen cameras in Pakistan Feature

  • 720×480 Pixel High definition video recording function with voice
  • up to 180 feet of transmission range and minimal illumination
  • Digital Spy Cameras
  • Video date can be saved and used as flash disk.
  • Video data with date and time.
  • Brand New in all colour
  • lid, light to carry with.
  • Easy to write, writing fluently.
  • Recording frames: 30 FPS
  • Image ratio: 4:3
  • Recording format: AVI
  • Video encoding: M-JPEG
  • Photo format: JPG
  • Webcam: 1080
  • Memory: Comes with 4GB External Memory Card (expandable to 16 GB)
  • Transfer interface:Mini 5pin USB

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Spy Pen Camera Price in Pakistan

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    meer shah

    Hello guys The Spy pen cameras just buy from en-shoppakistan.Because this company spy camera have a good resolution, range, small size ,light weight and battery life and also operate under poor lighting conditions.

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